Thursday, July 12, 2007

I hate WOF's

Yesterday I finally got around to taking my car in for a warrant of fitness (3 days late) and the bastard thing failed, I had just spent around $400 on the left hand steering arm and hub, and it turns out there was a sloppy joint, so another $150 and thats all good....however there is more! turns out that I have a broken engine mount which needs replacing, another $80-88 for the part (from Honda Cars, so hopefully I can get it cheaper somewhere else) and hopefully dad will help me put it in so I dont have to pay a mechanic to do this too. One bloody drama after another at the moment!! Will it ever end? hmmn probably not. Other than that the last couple of days have been uneventful, late nights, sleep ins and board games in front of the fire pretty much sums it up. Although today I have my grandads funeral, then Emma, Louise and myself are off to the roxx to try indoor rock climbing so should be fun before I have to head back to work for a whole day bummer!!! :o)

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