Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ever wanted to drown your phone?

Have you ever wanted to drown you phone? Today was one of those days when I wished it would just stop ringing! I hate being on callout, well its good because if you get several you can make more in one day than you can in a whole week. But yeah, the phone kept ringing today and I had to turn some people away or else I was never going to get home for tea. However after tea time the phone usually dies (touch wood!), and Sunday is usually quiet too (also hopefully!), although I need the money after all my shopping splurges. Not a lot else to report really except that its only 4 days until my birthday  YAY!! so if anyone reading this wants to get me a present feel free so send one my way :o)   anyway, this is me done for another boring day...hopefully more to tell over the next few days. Oh and Emma bought a really cool day pack/climbing pack, if you are looking for a good one have a look at our packs below (both really good) hers is a VAUDE Brenta 26 and mine is a MACPAC Amplight 20.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hey big spender

Well its late (as usual when writing on here), another busy day at work with small jobs here and there. The afternoon I spent with Ivan starting to dig up a drain which is buried about 1800mm (1.8m) deep, and its hand digging so that is going to suck big time! please keep raining so I don't have to do it. Dropped Ivan in town and picked Emma up from work, then the biggest mistake ever, we went to the Kathmandu summit club sale...and walked out with about $1300 worth of gear (if not on sale), however it was less than half of that so not too bad I guess (we got things like down jacket, wind fleece, hoodie, gloves, tripod, trousers and a few other small things). Went to the Palms for some tea (mmmn butter chicken indian), bought some more coat hangers as we were running out without the addition of several more garments. So yeah that pretty much my day in a nutshell, boring ay? Finally just have to say I am looking forward to next weekend, Emma and myself are going on a Christchurch tramping club trip (basic snow craft) up Temple Basin so that should be a really good weekend getting to play with ice axes, crampons and building snow caves. Well until next time, have a good day, night whatever it is.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Do you wonder?

Today I really didn't want to get out of bed. I was supposed to be going to Pegasus Bay Winery with Dave to sort out why fittings kept breaking in the glycol system. However with half of the plumbers away sick myself and Kere were on the tools holding the fort. I was driving out to Woodend the other day and saw a convoy of Army Unimogs driving down the motorway and remembered back to basic training, I miss it so much, it was the most fun I have ever had...but I would never give up what I have (especially Emma). But it makes you think what would life have been like if you hadn't left a particular job? or didn't move to another country, whatever it may be.... well enough of the philosophical sidetrack. The rest of the day was pretty average, had one callout so far which was a collapsed ceiling due to a leaking pipe in the roof. Poor woman, must be devastating coming home to something like that. Well that concludes I think, below is a pic of me and roomies in the Army (except the girl).

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

F%&K me sideways!

Now you can probably read something very similar to this on Emma's Bebo page but still I want to put it on here anyway. This is pretty much going to be a rant about our idiot, incompetent, childish flatmate Andrew! I was never that fond of him, and yesterday Lou text me at work saying he had put a margarine container in the recycling still coated in marg (on the inside), annoying, however he is too bloody stupid to know that only 1 & 2's are recyclable duh! also after spending all of sunday morning cleaning the whole house he left the kitchen in a state. But this is nothing compared to what he did last night. Before Emma and myself went to bed we asked him to put another log on the fire before he went to bed if he was going to be up longer that us, we went to bed and talked, we heard him in the lounge and a while later I heard something, I sat up in bed and said to Emma the fire sounded loud then I could smell the smoke. He had tried to put a log in the fire, couldnt get it to fit properly so left the log smoldering/on fire sitting on the hearth!!! how fucking stupid and retarded do you have to be!!!! we had a bloody good go at him and all he could say was "I only left it for a minute" right after Emma gave him a speal about it only taking a second for a spark to get onto the carpet and set the house on fire. So I have had enough, well we have all had enough! so I think its time the muppet left!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Good Drivers? I think so!!

Today was one of those days I was not looking forward to, the day before Ivan and I had gone to Robbies to a blocked drain and managed to get the drain machine coil stuck in the drain, which means you usually have to dig the thing up and get it out, usually easy except that the fact that there was about 6 inches of concrete above all the drains! F%&K!!! Turns out that there was a manhole and we actually got it stuck in that (to cut a long story short) so it wasn't a major. The rest of the day was pretty much the same as usual, tonight we couldn't be bother cooking again! so went out for tea to Tuskers with Louise, Emma and Warren. Finally got an email from mum which was a video clip, absolutely awesome clip from Saab Performance Team, clip is below if you want to be amazed!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Guess its time...

Well I havn't written much over the past few days, I guess nothing really interesting has happened. Been the same thing most days, work, eat and sleep. Not that today was much different but what the hell I will mumble on about something that isnt really that interesting...did find a funny YouTube video (at the end of this post), bought a new DVD tower tonight as we have already filled the second one (over 150 DVD's now). Found out that someone I went to primary school with added me to their friends list on Bebo (hello Alida!) which is cool, its been so long since I have spoken to most of the people I went to school with. Well its getting late and I cant be assed thinking of something to write so good night all!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Son of a bitch!!!!!!

This is going to be a very short post, but by god I am so pissed off! You know those down booties I just received a few days ago...well I was just getting something out of my van (parked on the street) and just stepped in a HUGE fresh land mine (dog turd for the slow ones), I want to find the bastard who left that there and throw it at him (yes I am 5 years old lol). Anyway all I want to say is if you have a dog for christs sake pick its shit up so people like me don't have to stand in it.

Friday, June 8, 2007


Ahoy all, just went to see the third installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean (at worlds end), fantastic movie! however I recommend seeing the first two before hand just to recap on what happened previously. Anyway the rest of my day went well, installed a shower mixer for someone, fixed a slow filling toilet and installed an new toilet for someone else. Got to finish early (just after 2pm) which was nice, had an appointment with a specialist then went and hung out at work with Emma until 5. Had tea at the mall naughty naughty! mmmn butter chicken with naan bread! Bought some more DVDs before the movie (Black Hawk Down, Pirates 1 & 2, Kill Bill Vol 1, Hitch and Trainspotting. Yes as montioned in previous posts I (actually we) have a serious problem when it comes to DVDs! Oh and Bivouac has a sale on too so if you want some cheap stuff have a look

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sick boy

Today is the first sick day I have had this year (well that I can remember), I think I caught something off Emma as she has been a bit under the weather the past few days. So I decided to have the day off and get better before returning to work. And in a way thank god I did, mainly cause I feel much better wrapped up in a blanket than I would stuck under a house fixing someone plumbing, but secondly I was home to accept the parcel that has been shipped from America (and its one that you HAVE to sign for). So now I have my toasty Marmot Jacket and North Face Down booties :o) yay!! so happy now (sad ay?). I highly recommend the site we got the gear off if you are into this sort of thing, the shipping might be quite dear but in the long run the stuff is way cheaper than you can buy here in NZ. Anyway off to find some lunch...

Monday, June 4, 2007

Nina River

We arrived back from Hanmer Springs/Lewis Pass area today after a two day tramp up the Nina River (just north of Boyle Village). We left Christchurch about lunch time on Sunday and arrived at the deer stalkers lodge about 2:30pm and set off, knowing we were not going to make it the Nina hut before dark we setup camp at a clearing by the river. The night was clear and it was so cold (the ground was frozen solid by 5pm!!) we just spent most the night in the tent reading a magazine and doing stupid alphabet games until we fell asleep. The morning was not too bad, however everything was wet so we packed up camp and started to walk towards the Nina Hut until we got to the swing bridge, took some photos and turned around and walked out. On the way home to Christchurch we stopped in Hanmer Springs for a relaxing soak in the hot pools, some lunch and a look around. The rest of the night was basically spent unpacking, washing and drying things out (plus watching 50 first dates on tv).

Friday, June 1, 2007

Peanut Butter Jelly

Today can be summed up in one word BORING, I actually can't remember what I did at work. Oh yeah, just some quotes and measuring a ladies house to draw plans for consent. Then pick up some stuff for Dave and more quotes, nothing special really. Picked my car up finally which worked out at an awesome $562. Picked Emma up from work and we went to Kathmandu, Bivouac and Map World which was a mistake as we almost walked out of Map World with a Topo map DVD. Went to the Athletes Foot to get Emz some inner soles for boots (I cant spell the correct name for them, you know the word that starts with orth....), andway enough of me, finally here is a funny clip Emma found (love the banana squats near the end).