Monday, June 4, 2007

Nina River

We arrived back from Hanmer Springs/Lewis Pass area today after a two day tramp up the Nina River (just north of Boyle Village). We left Christchurch about lunch time on Sunday and arrived at the deer stalkers lodge about 2:30pm and set off, knowing we were not going to make it the Nina hut before dark we setup camp at a clearing by the river. The night was clear and it was so cold (the ground was frozen solid by 5pm!!) we just spent most the night in the tent reading a magazine and doing stupid alphabet games until we fell asleep. The morning was not too bad, however everything was wet so we packed up camp and started to walk towards the Nina Hut until we got to the swing bridge, took some photos and turned around and walked out. On the way home to Christchurch we stopped in Hanmer Springs for a relaxing soak in the hot pools, some lunch and a look around. The rest of the night was basically spent unpacking, washing and drying things out (plus watching 50 first dates on tv).

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