Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ever wanted to drown your phone?

Have you ever wanted to drown you phone? Today was one of those days when I wished it would just stop ringing! I hate being on callout, well its good because if you get several you can make more in one day than you can in a whole week. But yeah, the phone kept ringing today and I had to turn some people away or else I was never going to get home for tea. However after tea time the phone usually dies (touch wood!), and Sunday is usually quiet too (also hopefully!), although I need the money after all my shopping splurges. Not a lot else to report really except that its only 4 days until my birthday  YAY!! so if anyone reading this wants to get me a present feel free so send one my way :o)   anyway, this is me done for another boring day...hopefully more to tell over the next few days. Oh and Emma bought a really cool day pack/climbing pack, if you are looking for a good one have a look at our packs below (both really good) hers is a VAUDE Brenta 26 and mine is a MACPAC Amplight 20.


Emma said...

ooooo!! the red ones the hottest! :)

TeMPuS said...

hey you! your bias on the situation :o)