Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hey big spender

Well its late (as usual when writing on here), another busy day at work with small jobs here and there. The afternoon I spent with Ivan starting to dig up a drain which is buried about 1800mm (1.8m) deep, and its hand digging so that is going to suck big time! please keep raining so I don't have to do it. Dropped Ivan in town and picked Emma up from work, then the biggest mistake ever, we went to the Kathmandu summit club sale...and walked out with about $1300 worth of gear (if not on sale), however it was less than half of that so not too bad I guess (we got things like down jacket, wind fleece, hoodie, gloves, tripod, trousers and a few other small things). Went to the Palms for some tea (mmmn butter chicken indian), bought some more coat hangers as we were running out without the addition of several more garments. So yeah that pretty much my day in a nutshell, boring ay? Finally just have to say I am looking forward to next weekend, Emma and myself are going on a Christchurch tramping club trip (basic snow craft) up Temple Basin so that should be a really good weekend getting to play with ice axes, crampons and building snow caves. Well until next time, have a good day, night whatever it is.

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