Monday, October 29, 2007

Coffee with an old friend

Tonight I finally caught up with Meagen after a couple of years. We just met up at coffee culture in Merivale and managed to chat for over two and a half hours! I actually thought I was going to sit there like a deaf mute but I guess we still have common things to talk about. Anyway it was a good night until we were 'kind of' forced to leave, you know that feeling you get when the staff are packing up and cleaning around yeah. Until next time have a good night all.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Kowai River walk

Last night we decided to do a walk up the upper part of the Kowai river (by Porters Pass). We set off about 10am (delayed start after a late night watching movies and then waiting for the damn camera to charge in the morning). We arrived at the start of the walk about 11am, got our boots and gaiters on then headed off. The first part of the track was across farmland, so we decided to bash a way down to the river and walk along the riverbed (crossing the Kowai several times before we reached where Foggy Stream joined into the Kowai). At this point I climbed a small shingle screed and ran down it hurting my hand on the way down. We decided to head back and opted for the farmland track on the way home, this was ok except for the huge boggy parts where the cattle had trampled the ground (which Emma managed to find the deepest bog hole around sinking well past her knee in stinking muck). We quickly hurried back to the start of the track where Emma dropped back into the river and washed her boots, gaiters and pants. The drive home seemed to be quick with a quick stop in Sheffield for a pie and yummy slice. All in all a good day out :o)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

First day of work

Well today I began my first day of work at Action Plumbing, pretty much I just hung around with someone today to get the ropes of how everything worked (tomorrow possibly will be much the same). Was different to what I was used to with Dave, kind of slow and boring...and the paperwork system is pretty lame. Basically if I could go back to Dave now I would!! At this early stage I would say I don't know if this place is right for me...lets hope Aaron gets his shit together and gets Pristine Plumbing back up and running! (shhh keep that a secret!). I will give it a good go here but if its not what I want then there is no point staying right? More to follow when I get my own van in a day or so.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Job offers

Today was an early start with my first job offer at 8am with Clyne & Bennie, the interview went well and he offered me the job if I wanted it. But I knew I still had a few others to go to (although I only went to 2 others), however at the end of the day I was given 5 job opportunities and need to make a decision. I have narrowed it down to two so will have to think about it and see what each one has to offer....More to follow when I get one of the jobs :o)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

End of an Era

Well today marked the end of an era, today at 8:30am the liquidators came and took over at Pristine Plumbing and it was all over with one foul swoop. Dave lost everything, I felt so bad for him, seeing a strong man like him break down into tears. We were all told by the liquidators that as of that minute all our contracts were terminated and we were unemployed just like that! I guess its time to go searching for more jobs ay?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

How Boring

Well this is the 5th day now that I have been sitting in the office 'managing jobs', what fucking jobs? I dont know what is going on but the phone is hardly ringing. Where has all the work suddenly gone? are all the other bloody plumbers stealing it?

Basically I am driving myself insane trying to entertain myself, I am having to tell guys to go home about lunch time because there is no work for them, I am about to leave and go home myself and its only lunch time....might go do a cash job to get some money because this is insane.

Do i start to look for a new job? Ahhhh!! I am tearing my hair out.