Monday, October 22, 2007

Kowai River walk

Last night we decided to do a walk up the upper part of the Kowai river (by Porters Pass). We set off about 10am (delayed start after a late night watching movies and then waiting for the damn camera to charge in the morning). We arrived at the start of the walk about 11am, got our boots and gaiters on then headed off. The first part of the track was across farmland, so we decided to bash a way down to the river and walk along the riverbed (crossing the Kowai several times before we reached where Foggy Stream joined into the Kowai). At this point I climbed a small shingle screed and ran down it hurting my hand on the way down. We decided to head back and opted for the farmland track on the way home, this was ok except for the huge boggy parts where the cattle had trampled the ground (which Emma managed to find the deepest bog hole around sinking well past her knee in stinking muck). We quickly hurried back to the start of the track where Emma dropped back into the river and washed her boots, gaiters and pants. The drive home seemed to be quick with a quick stop in Sheffield for a pie and yummy slice. All in all a good day out :o)

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