Friday, June 1, 2007

Peanut Butter Jelly

Today can be summed up in one word BORING, I actually can't remember what I did at work. Oh yeah, just some quotes and measuring a ladies house to draw plans for consent. Then pick up some stuff for Dave and more quotes, nothing special really. Picked my car up finally which worked out at an awesome $562. Picked Emma up from work and we went to Kathmandu, Bivouac and Map World which was a mistake as we almost walked out of Map World with a Topo map DVD. Went to the Athletes Foot to get Emz some inner soles for boots (I cant spell the correct name for them, you know the word that starts with orth....), andway enough of me, finally here is a funny clip Emma found (love the banana squats near the end).


Emma said...

Hahahah HE POPS!
the squats are my favourite

Monkey-Boi said...

hahahahaha thats some funny shit