Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It only gets worse doesn't it?

When I thought things couldn't be worse, I got a call from Midas today telling me that it wasn't just the wheel bearing that was shagged but it had stuffed the hub as well, so there goes another $125 to add to the bill! wow a stunning $540 to repair a stupid noise that I thought may have been a stone in the brakes. Oh well shit happens, life goes on!. Other than that today went alright, got to do a job that I had quoted (valve vent a hot water cylinder) which I completed in less time that quoted for which is amazing, usually something goes wrong and we loose money. The rest of the day was spent working with Dave trying to solve a problem at Dress Mart Hornby and then off to La Porchetta to find a mysterious leak which just got more and more mysterious as I looked (lets leave that one for Sherlock to work out, or Dave whoever comes along first). Well enough of my ramblings I am going to have some mango chicken curry and relax for a while. Ohh and as a final note my booties and new jacket have been shipped from the USA today so hopefully see it sometime soon, see below for pics (mmmn toasty!!!!)

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