Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One of those days

Today started off well, good intentions of getting lots of work done. Well in saying that I did get lots done (quoting wise anyway), however it just all seemed worthless and pointless when one of the clients I quoted for rang up and said 'is there any reason your quote is twice the price as a competitor?' Turns out I was pricing against a housing company who screw the price down so much its not even worth trying to compete. So after that I pretty much felt like giving up! and to add the that I had taken my car in to get looked at because it was making a funny noise, turns out that it needs a new front wheel bearing and tie rod (whatever a tie rod is) so there goes another $415 HOLY SHIT!!! I guess the rest of the night was better. we watched the final of Lost season 3 which left us on the edge of the seat begging for more, but no...there is now a 6 month wait until the next season BASTARDS!!!

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