Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sleep in

Today I think I must have been enjoying my dream or something as I managed to sleep through 2 alarms and finally wake up an hour after I was supposed to (about the time I usually leave), so after managing to get ready including making lunch in just 12mins I headed to work. Today was pretty good, a couple of hours in the office quoting, then off to replace the hot water cylinder I diagnosed as critically fucked on Sunday, then run around town for Dave picking up plans and parts then back to the workshop to do more quoting. Picked up my photos today as well, had to get the Black Birch Stream tramp ones redone as the last were crappy res pics and came out looking like complete shit. Tonight was pretty boring, shopping night at push-and-shove, stopped in at McD's on the way home for some stale and cold chips accompanied with melted strawberry thickshake, so poached eggs on toast was pretty good actually in comparison. And to finish off here is a joke I heard on the radio today (The Rock). "What did sushi A say to sushi B?" "Wasa-B", haha, pretty lame but also clever and funny at the same time. Well night everyone of you sad people reading this...

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