Saturday, May 19, 2007

House bitch

Today was one of those days you just dont want to get out of bed. I knew I had to go to a call out for Robbies Belfast, so after about 4 alarms this morning I got up (and soon after they called to say the cleaners had fixed the problem) which was a good thing to hear, and up until now '9pm' the phone has only rung twice, one who just wanted work done in the week and another guy who nearly had a coronary when I told him the call out fee. Other than that all I have done is sit on the computer and try to get dads house plans done and cleaning the house which was a bloody sty (mainly cause one 'person' has no concept of cleaning, so much in fact he still gets his mother to iron his clothes!). Tonight was like most others when we couldn't be bothered cooking so it was souvlaki, and while waiting 50min to get it made we went to the video shop and ended up buying 5 DVD's between us (Austin Powers, Bridget Jones Diary, Casino Royale, Fire Down Below and The Negotiator). Now i'm bored so guess I will keep writing on here while Emma and Lou watch dancing with the stars repeat. Got a great email from mum, here is one of my fav pics from it since I am training to be a plumber. Oh and have a look at this, it looks CGI. Its really amazing!! definitely something we want to try ourselves.

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