Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ryde Falls

Last night we decided to have a go at a short day trip close to Christchurch, and managed to find one that looked good just out of Oxford. So today I went and visited Bivouac Outdoor and bought a new Macpac Amp Light 20L day pack (which I have to say is brilliant for a little over $140), packed some lunch and waited for Emma to get back from What Now. We set off a little later than I really wanted to but still made it to View Hill carpark (at the start or end of the Wharfdale track) just after 2pm, we had a bite to eat and got walking. Saw a few trampers coming out and also some XC bikers. The track was pretty easy going and meandered through native beach forest to Ryde Falls. The fall were pretty nice, not huge but very picturesque as they were three tiered levels with large pools at the base of each and it was sooo cold. We took some pics and turned around making pretty good time (they recommended 30mins for the first section which we happily did in about 8 mins). We got back to the car about 4:30 and headed to Daves house to look at his lake in progress, have some dinner and then head home to relax. Its now 10:30pm, I was sitting here listening to Emma snore when I saw Narla (our cat) go mental and start chasing something, which turned out to be a massive mouse! after about 15min of chasing it around the room we finally got it and put it in the bush on the roadside. Anyway after that little bit of excitement I am off to bed.

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