Monday, May 7, 2007

Typical day at the office

Today was one of those uneventful days, started off with a trip to town to look at someone elses F#%K up, fix some leaking pipe in a roof and head back to the office to stare endlessly into a set of plans wondering how to get the pipe from A to B. So as soon as 5pm came it was good buy! I hate being stuck in the office now, except from when I'm sent to try and fix some dickheads watermain cause he shoved the garden spade through it while trying to bury his ex-wife or unblocking a toilet because people cant understand that an entire roll of toilet paper will not flush!

Anyway, enough with my work, congratulations to Emma (my better half) for getting a full time job working in a TV Production Company. So I made sure she bought me dinner to celebrate lol, which was only souvlaki from Costas but damn they are good...highly recommended as they put lots and lots of meat in, and some tasty sauce. Other than that nothing else to bore people with. Until tomorrow...

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