Sunday, March 23, 2008

Carrington Hut Day 2

Well we were awoken early today by some of the others talking in the kitchen area, Dad and Emma got up early but I tried to stay in bed as long as possible, even though I was cooking! I finally got up and got some warm clothes on, wandered into the kitchen and started breakfast. We brought along Uncle Toby Oat Temptations which are soooo fantastic! after a good breakfast we started packing up everything and made a move for it. It was pretty fresh outside, and after taking some photos outside the hut we were on the way, not long after walking we were into the freezing river and cris-crossing the river taking the shortest path possible. The sun hadn't made it to us yet so it was quite nice (cool anyway). We stopped for some scrogg on a log, then the next stop was at Anti Crow hut for some lunch, I think we were more lunch though, the sandflies were everywhere! and they didnt see to mind the insect after quickly scoffing lunch we moved on. It was so hot out now, and there were no more river crossings for the rest of the trip :o( we stopped quite a lot on the way back as dad was really feeling the effects of walking all day in the heat. But we eventually made it back to the car, got our hot boots off and headed for Springfield for a well deserved ice cream. Note to everybody, check your insoles before tramping, I managed to wear 2 insoles in my boots for the trip, no wonder my toes hurt (they are usually fine) yeah good lesson to be learnt.

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