Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Even more relaxing Sunday...

Its so nice to sleep in after a week of work, we finally hauled our asses out of bed and mucked around watching the Dog Trials (because Emma has done the opening titles for it). I spent most of the day in the lovely sun working on my model yacht (which I have not touched in over a year). It felt good to do something productive and get a project underway, now I just have to make sure I keep putting in the effort and finish the damn thing. Emma spend the day in the sun reading the latest Spoke magazine (which reminds me I must have a read of as well) and playing with Narla and my camera (see the photos of Narla, SO CUTE!! however not too impressed with her chewing on the sprinkler heads!) Also changed my disc rotors and brake pads on my downhill bike to get it ready for another season of DH (yay, so excited especially now that Cory is back, hopefully we can get out together more, and Jeremy if his hip stops playing up).

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