Saturday, August 4, 2007

Failed attempt

Today we were supposed to do a tramp in the Lewis Pass (the first section of the St James Walkway - up to Ada Pass Hut) but the info centre at Hanmer told us DOC has closed it due to avalanche risk etc, so we decided to do a simple tramp to Lake Daniells instead. We arrived and it was drizzling a bit, so we geared up and began walking for about an hour, had a tantrum in the middle of the bush because we both couldn't decide whether to carry on or not, but ended up turning back. Stopped in at Maruia springs on the was back to Hanmer for a look as its meant to be brilliant, however didnt stay long. Finally got back to Hanmer and found a room at the drifters inn (lovely place, except for the heater which wouldnt stay on), and at a discounted rate made it all that bit sweeter. Headed out to 'Saints' for dinner, Emma ate a lamb pizza which is bloody brilliant as she never eats lamb (she must be on the mend). Then pretty much spent the rest of the night lounging in the hot pools.

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