Friday, August 17, 2007

Social Club's night out

Today the work social club had a fantastic night out, we all finished work early, went home and got changed. We all met at Lone Star in Northlands mall for a few drinks, a massive meal and a good chat. I think there was about 14 of us there which is a pretty good turn out. After dinner we all walked next door to Hoyts to see the movie I have been longing to see for a long time! Die Hard 4.0. It was your typical Die Hard movie with plenty of action from Bruce Willis and actually a really really good story to it (although a bit far fetched at time) but still it kept everyone interested. The only problem was there was a fire alarm set off in the middle of the film so the entire mall had to be evacuated until the fire brigade reset the alarms and did a sweep of the building. No biggie though, everyone piled back in and the movie resumed. My rating for the movie would have to be a good 9/10 just because I love Bruce Willis and his fantastic tag lines "Yippie kai-yay mother fucker" and the fact it was a good movie. So if you are into action movies then see this one!

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