Saturday, September 15, 2007

Franz Josef Glacier

Guess what, its raining again. Today we had out glacier walk starting at 8:45am and it was pretty miserable weather but decided to go anyway. We all got geared up with waterproof gear and horrible boots and silly 'talonz' which are pretty much simple and small crampons (no way near as effective as normal crampons). We all piled on the bus for the short ride to the carpark and headed off to the terminal face. When we arrived at the terminal face of the glacier we all put our talonz on and headed up the precut steps made by the guides. After 45mins on the ice we stopped, had a bite to eat, took some photos, watched the guides cut a massive piece of ice down like it was a tree (as it was unsafe and likely to fall soon). We then headed back down which was nice as my feet were frozen! I wish I was wearing the lovely ASOLO boots I was wearing during ice climbing. We all headed out and waited for the bus to arrive to pick us up, and right about then the sun began to come out and make for a rather lovely afternoon (see next blog entry for afternoon antics).

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