Saturday, September 22, 2007

Household Day

Today was one of those days you knew were coming and were putting it off. The flat decided to get together today and have a massive cleaning binge. The house was such a bloody tip (probably clean by most people's standard but I am such a clean freak!). Anyway we all pitched in and gave mainly the kitchen and bathroom a huge clean, and it is sooo much nicer now! it actually makes you want to be in there. Emma and I also did some appliance shopping at Briscoes where we walked away with a new toaster, bread maker and kitchen scales. Aren't we so domesticated? Cory popped over to say hi and came up with the smart comment of "you two just need to get engaged then you will have all the appliances you will ever need". Thanks mate! but it was good to see him, Wendy and little Caleb.

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