Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tartare Tunnels

Since the afternoon turned out so nice we decided to go for a walk to the Tartare Tunnels at the end of Cowan street. It was a very easy walk up a 4WD track but very picturesque so it was nice. After 30mins or so we arrived at the outlet of the tunnel to find some peoples CD's, shoes, clothes etc sitting around 'weird!' anyway we gout out torch and head-torch out and set out down the tunnel. It was so dark in there it just at the light from the torch, making it very hard to see. After about a min of walking we met about 6 young teens walking the opposite way in bare feet or jandals (morons!!!!), they said they never made it to the end of the tunnel after 10mins of walking so I was not really looking forward to walking the tunnel if it was that long. However after only a few mins of walking we got to the end of the tunnel (it makes a big difference when you have proper boots on!), the end was pretty uneventful as it was gated off shortly after the end, so we took some pics and headed back. Some more photos, some scroggin and more photos was pretty much what the walk out consisted of. Nothing else to report on this we walk, however its a great walk and if you have an afternoon to spare go do it! (provided you are in Franz as its a long way to go from ChCh).

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