Friday, November 16, 2007

Jumbo-Holdsworth Day 1

Awake and up before 7am to get everything packed away and into the car as I will not be back at camp until Sunday afternoon. Tech was ok today, learned how to do arc welding (when I say learn how to, we get a basic instruction and some 'birdshit' looking welds). The whole morning was spent welding, some Lamb Rogan Josh for tea and then into the workshop for the afternoon (floor waste gullies and then mucked around with my lobster back bend). We were let out of class 15mins early today which was great as I got to beat most of the traffic, arriving at the Holdsworth lodge around 5:40pm. I was slightly pissed off about now as I had managed to hit a hawk on the was there and damn near smashed my wing mirror off the car (at least it didnt come through the windscreen). Anyway I quickly changed clothes, put my pack on and hit the trail. It was a bit of a hard slog to mountain house but made it there by 7:20pm, had some dinner and setup bed for the night (however should have moved on to the much nicer Powell Hut for the night). About 9pm that night I was startled by a group of 5 trampers heading for Powell Hut, then a few mins later I was rudely awoken (and freaked out) by a huge fucking rat that jumped on me!!! after that I was not wanting to go back to sleep. Then at 10pm awoken (sort of, I was not really sleeping) by 3 more trampers heading for Powell Hut (why didn't I join them?). The rest of the night was a terrible sleep with the head torch on all night to try and discourage mr rat from coming back.

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