Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jumbo-Holdsworth Day 3

Half the hut were up at 6am for an early depature to catch a flight home to Timaru. But the ramining 6 of us slept in to 7:30ish before slowly getting out of bed, some breakfast and repack everything. The day was absolutly beautiful with hardly a cloud in the sky. Today was all one thing, downhill and in parts were near vertical which wasn't the best on the knees but I guess this was outweighed by the amazing bust with the sun filtering through. Andrew and Kevin went first as they knew they were slower (as Kevin had bad knees), Carlie and myself walked together and Tony and Jo went leisurely at the back. Carlie and myself were first to make it to the bottom (where Atiwhakatu hut is) where we waited for everyone else to catch up. The rest of the trip was reasonably flat in comparison but the views down the river were spectacular. But before we knew it we were back at the Holdsworth Lodge signing out and throwing packs into the car. Carlie caught a ride back to Petone train station with me as the other 2 were going mountain biking (well Tony was - bloody energizer bunny!!). After an hour of non-stop talking I was dropping her off at the train station and heading back to camp to get my kitchen unit. Oh and have a shower, mmmn showers feel so good after 3 days of sweating! Now, whats for dinner?

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