Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wellington here I come

Well its only a few days now and I will be off to Wellington again for block course number 2. Leaving Sunday morning, driving to Picton and catching the ferry across to Welly. I am actually quite excited to go again, it sucks being away from Emma and stuff but I have a few things planned so it should be good fun. Since I am only going to be there one weekend I figured I might do a tramp up there since I don't get that opportunity very often. I have decided to do the Holdsworth-Jumbo circuit in Tararua Forest Park. Then on the way home I will be parking up just outside Kaikoura and doing the My Fyffe tramp (nice easy one), well all that is weather permitting, so fingers crossed its going to be nice! Nothing else to report, just the same ol shit with work and chores. Until next time....

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