Saturday, December 8, 2007

Franz Josef Glacier Film Shoot - On the Ice

We were up at 6am (well Emma and I were, Roeloff and Steve are rather hard to get up) but Saturday was gorgeous weather without a cloud in the sky and looked to be a good day for it all. We headed off to the Guides center to meet Kerry (who stayed up all night because she didn't want to sleep in (ever heard of an alarm?). Anyway we got all geared up and headed for the helicopter pad. The helicopter ride was seriously soooooo fun! the pilot took us for a fly through a massive ice crevasse and over the Neve' at the top of the glacier, over Almer hut and dropped us on the heli-hike site where we began the full day of filming, walking, flying and crevasse hopping. Basically a fantastic day and looking forward to the next heli flight :o)

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