Saturday, December 29, 2007

St James Walkway - Day 1

An early start from Christchurch before the 2hr drive to the Boyle outdoor education centre. The day was looking to be a cracker weather wise, however I was not looking forward to the idea of carrying my over laden pack (why did I put so much crap in?). The trip started at the Boyle centre where we picked up one of the outdoor education staff, headed on our way to the lewis pass entrance and let her take the car back to the outdoor education centre. Most of the day was spent sidling around Cannibal Gorge, after about 2.5hr we arrived for a much needed breather at Cannibal Gorge hut to find peoples gear strewn over the hut (apparently on a day walk today). We soon continued for the last section to Ada Hut (approx 1.5hr) which followed the river with some beautiful views and Emma's favorite 'Billy Goat Gruff Bridge'. We arrived at Ada hut early afternoon, claimed our beds and baked in the afternoon sun while being eaten alive.

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